This is a product that we have designed especially for companies that wish to stimulate their staff, whether they are hierarchical or not, in terms of improving teamwork, leadership, detecting group problems, resolving conflicts or interests, as well as providing a space to think about or design projects, new opportunities, future scenarios, innovative ideas, in a context of relaxation that allows for deepening interpersonal relationships.

We know that daily work stress prevents us from reflecting on group dynamics, especially after having suffered crisis situations such as the one we have just experienced with the outbreak of the Covid pandemic19. Unfortunately, this will not be the last one and groups are faced with the fragility and uncertainty of existence, which in some cases causes distress and even individual or group paralysis. These are also challenging times to develop greater adaptation capacities than we know, from the home office to digital negotiation. 

Our fleet consists of 6 new sailing boats (2016 - 2020) plus a new 40 foot (12 meter) Bénéteau Lagoon catamaran. This provides a total capacity of approximately 45 passengers, all or part of which can be used by groups of 6 - 8 people on board each.

The idea is to stay for a minimum of one weekend or for a full week on one or more of the comfortable sailing boats of our fleet in one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean and, on the one hand, experience sailing (with or without a skipper, as required) and, on the other hand, attend coaching and motivational talks given by a group of experts with experience in public and private management.

Sailing as a recreational and sporting experience is a team task and allows an almost perfect analogy to be made with the challenges of a company. It requires a positive leader, a team where each one assumes a task, a coordination, a plan and an objective and means to reach it. Likewise, unexpected events (climate changes) occur in the course of the process, which make us correct our course and also put us to the test in critical situations. Precautions and precautions are taken and risks are taken. Only the good sailor knows that the best wind is not from the stern as commonly believed, and that to sail you have to make edges to reach a destination because you can never go directly. This and other analogies are better experienced than told.

We recommend to check the availability of the boat on which one you are going to experience the activity before booking.

It does not include entrance fees or transport costs.

The number of persons may not exceed the Crew List of the boat.

The boats are chartered on a weekly basis, but shorter periods are available on request.


Our offer includes internal transfers and, accommodation and meals during the day. For dinner we offer a list of unique places to delight the palate by enjoying the famous Mallorcan cuisine.