Yachtpool Boat Insurance


YACHT-POOL designed in 1986 conditions that specifically protect the charter skipper. It is not only about "minor damages" such as damage deposit, but also gross negligence which can often inconspicuously and yet mercilessly affect the future of the skipper. Therefore, an insurance cover at least the captain's liability is unavoidable.

Why a strong Yacht-POOL charter insurance?
Any experienced skipper knows how quickly the harmony of the crew is disturbed when he or a crew member and all the damage was caused to the one who has to pay. So according to the crew before the start of the charter was also divided so that they can be on the concrete question of why everyone should pay for the damage, the only one who did - this is usually the skipper himself - of his responsibilities as skipper. Naturally, this resulted in more and more clear that the responsible skipper summoned to the personal risk insurance. The deposit insurance is not only for a specific charter, but is unlimited for a full year - everyone! Because you can charter wherever you want, whenever you want, whatever you want and send it to us!

Why a skipper liability insurance?
Because the damage you cause to other people or things you may culpably in person and that. With all your present and future assets Because your personal liability insurance liability claims from skipper or crew activities are not covered. Because you are liable as captain also to the crew members. Because you cannot participate in the claims against crew members in respect of third parties (e.g. pension insurances of the injured party). Because I do not know to what extent, on a foreign ship is actually insured. Very often, the insurance benefit will be limited to the value of the ship, which can be very low due to unlimited personal liability. Often only certain listed damages are covered, such as collision damage etc. just because I don't know if there is insurance cover. Because I do not know if the premium is paid on time, which means that the insurer is released from the performance, and then you have absolutely no insurance! Because ships sailing under foreign flags, usually insured under foreign insurance conditions in the local language and in the evaluation of the actual insurance coverage is virtually impossible for you. Because none of us know liability insurance covers liability claims by the yacht owner for damage caused to the chartered yacht itself due to negligence of the skipper.

Why a Yacht-POOL skipper insurance legal protection?
Because the right have one thing to get it right, but another. Litigation abroad can be very expensive. Legal fees to advance these foreign lawyers in general. Legal costs in different countries must also be paid by you, if you win the case. It may be that not only the skipper but also the entire crew or just a single crew member is sued or authorized to complain will.Schadenersatz legal protection: legal protection to assert claims for damages under private liability law claims in connection with the Yachtführung.Straf-law, as far as the defense of a criminal prosecution for a sailing accident or violation of criminal laws relating to the Yachtführung.Führerschein legal protection: For representation in proceedings for revocation of the license. Captain and crew have Legal world!

Why a Charter - Insurance?
If the captain of the cruise, for example, charter compete for his own illness or a family member can not take place, so the speed can not incur costs captain and crew (net 20% deductible, min € 25, -). paid. If a crew member, for example, the charter cruise compete due to illness or illness of a family member can, so the proportional cost to the crew member (less than 20% deductible, min € 25, -). paid. If the skipper fails, suitable replacements are purchased and thus the cruise must end prematurely, so the cost of the unused part of the Charter will be replaced if a Weitervercharterung is not possible. If two people have booked together and not one, you can withdraw the second.

Why a boat charter insurance-POOL attack?
In real or suspected criminal activities of the Authority, the vessel can be placed in the chain. By the bail deposited from us to Euro 52,000, - may be safe from an interim police action can be achieved. Seizure can have serious financial consequences for you if the vessel for another letter is not available.