Financial Security Checked & Trusted by YACHT-POOL

Our current economic situation has been approved by YACHT-POOL. This makes us one of the most solid charter companies in the industry. Solid finances are a basic requirement for perfect maintained and well-equipped ships, absolute hygiene and perfect service. All in all, this means ideal conditions for your next charter trip.
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Fair Charter: Terms & Conditions Checked & Trusted by YACHT-POOL

With us you book without hidden, malicious and "toxic" clauses with the fair international charter terms & conditions of YACHT-POOL FairCharter-Contract in your native language. These charter conditions have been legally checked and are recommended by experts and many specialist magazines (e.g. Yacht, Ocean7) as a decisive basis for a relaxed charter holiday.
[comment: This will be a big topic at the beginning of the upcoming booking season - the nautical press will also report. YACHT-POOL as a neutral authority (we insure both the charter fleets and the charter skippers) guarantees with these independently verified terms and conditions that the charter company does not suffer a rough landing on the ground of legal reality in court. You can find the international charter terms & conditions of YACHT-POOL here: http://www.charterfairtrag.de/allgemeine-informationen. You can highlight the charter provider who accept the YACHT-POOL T&C on your website with the quality seal “Fair Charter”!]

Trust-Security-Service by YACHT-POOL 

Your charter payments are safe with us. Do you want further coverage that also covers your personal risks? Your charter payment can be secured at YACHT-POOL on request. Ask us!
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YACHT-POOL Flight-Service

Especially nowadays, reliability and personal service around the flight booking are the keys to a successful and relaxed charter trip!
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In addition to the usual insured reasons for reimbursement of travel and / or cancellation costs, the Charter-Cancellation-Insurance-PLUS also covers these cases:

  • Corona infection of the skipper or crew or close relatives
  • Insolvency or illiquidity of the charter company

If the booked ship is not available on site due to the insolvency of the charter company, even the

  • Cancellation / cancellation costs of charter
  • Hotel and
  • Flight cost are refundable and even if necessary
  • increased return travel costs are covered (requirement: hotel & flight are also insured)

 The Charter-Cancellation-Insurance-PLUS does much more than just cover the charter price. This unique combination of services, which solves the two main problems (and more) of many charter customers, is only available in this form from YACHT-POOL.

[Comment: the charter cancellation insurance plus can only be offered to providers who are agreed with YACHT-POOL]